some more 用法 some和any的用法區別,別看簡單,有時還真的不容易分

some和any的用法區別,別看簡單,有時還真的不容易分 …

some 和 any 既可用在可數名詞,亦可用在不可數名詞前。一般而言,some 用在肯定句中,any 用在否定句和一般疑問句中。一,some 的用法:1. 用在肯定句中,意為“一些(a few / a little)” We love taking some photos when seeing sights. 我們喜歡在觀光時
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20/8/2015 · Board index 英文用法 大哉問 文法討論/ 文法用法教學 [提問]some more question.關代的問題 Facebook 分享 some more question.關代的問題 by 臺灣英語網1.0 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:12 am If Jamie is the only one of them, then we say “Jamie is the
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一,some和any的用法 some意為一些,幾個,通常用于肯定句中。現將其主要用法歸納如下: 1)some作形容詞用時,可以修飾復數可數名詞,也可以修飾不可數名詞。例如: There are some students in the classroom. 教室里有幾個學生。 There is some milk in the gla
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9/12/2011 · “some” here is used as an adverb to describe “more” (as an adjective to describe coffee) to give a more quantitative statement. People said “one more”, “two more”, it use “some more” here. It is translated as “您要不要再一些咖啡?”. Some can be used as: (1
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1. some和any的用法: (1)兩者修飾可數單數名詞,表某一個;任何一個; 修飾可數復數名詞和不可數名詞,表一些;有些。 (2)一般的用法: some用于肯定句;any用于疑問句,否定句或條件句。 I am looking for some matches. Do you have any
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some,any,can的用法講解 共有 214 位網友閱讀了本文 GUINNESS啤酒創意廣告 Some Are Made Of More Unit 6 Some stories are more interesting than others _448x304_2.00M_h.264.mp4 2018年01月26 日 作者:大魔王
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many more用法 (1)Some students are against the plan, but many more support it. 一些同學反對這項計劃,但是有更多人支持它。(2)We have many more left. 我們還剩下很多。much more的用法 (1)The farmers have produced much more rice. 這些農夫
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more 的用法 一,副詞,與某些雙音節或多音節的形容詞,副詞一起構成其比較級。 1. I think our city is more beautiful than yours. 我認為我們的城市比你們的更美麗。 2. Han Mei studies more carefully than Wang Fang. 韓梅比王芳學習更認真。
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【英文文法】Much,Many跟A lot of的英文用法
同樣都是許多,Much,many跟a lot of 到底差別在哪裡呢?Lucy在《English with Lucy》中分享了他們的用法。讓我們學好英文的基礎,更可以運用在寫作,對話跟點餐了! 1. Much 許多 Much 後面要加不可數名詞 不可數名詞:Water水, homework作業, 或是Sugar
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A: some – unit of QUANTITY. I ate some bread – I ate more than one slice of bread but not a lot. Somewhat – unit of QUALITY (measures similarity) Cats are somewhat like lions – cats are similar to lions but not completely like lions.

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