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主要翻譯 英語 中文 hinge n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (joint in a door frame) (門上的)合頁,鉸鏈 Jake greased the hinge on the door. 杰克給門的合頁抹了潤滑油。 hinge [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object- …
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hip 的中文翻譯
{Hip joint} (Anat.), the articulation between the thigh bone and hip bone. {Hip knob} (Arch.), a finial, ball, or other ornament at the intersection of the hip rafters and the ridge. {Hip molding} (Arch.), a molding on the hip of a roof, covering the hip joint of
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9 Hip Hinge Exercises with a Kettlebell for Strong Hips

9 Kettlebell Hip Hinge Exercise List Below I’ve listed a collection of kettlebell hip hinge exercises for you to practice starting with the easiest and progressing to the most challenging. There are many more hip hinge movements including sitting and supine based
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The Squat vs. The Hip Hinge: Know The Difference
The Hip Hinge = Hip Dominant And while this joint dominancy is a simple way to differentiate the squat vs. the hip hinge pattern from one another, we do also need to have a greater appreciation for the Squat-Hinge Movement Spectrum which opens the door to individuality of the squat and hinge movement patterns, while also playing and programming specific needs on the lower …


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Learn How to Hip Hinge
Learn How to Hip Hinge My favorite exercise for building strong hips is a squat with a good hip hinge. This hip hinge is key to preventing lower back pain every time you bend over and we bend over a lot in life. (Dishwashers, washing machines, stuff on the floor, etc.) Start by learning a … Learn How to Hip Hinge Read More »
How to Hip Hinge Like a Boss
Taking the dowel rod hip hinge to the next level is the TRX Rip Trainer Hip Hinge, which very much plays into a lot of Gray Cook’s work on loading the hip hinge. It’s a subtle load – you don’t need to be too aggressive here – but it’s amazing how much technique cleans up when you cue someone to “pull” themselves into the hinge pattern (here the trainee literally has to pull
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Muscles activated by hip-hinge exercises
Hip-hinge exercises (for example, Figure 1) are primarily characterized by hip extension but may also incorporate either knee extension or waist extension. This is a large and diverse group of exercises, the most popular of which is the barbell deadlift, which
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joint中文:連接…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋joint的中文翻譯,joint的發音,音標,用法和例句等。She cut a slice of beef from the joint.她從大塊的牛肉上切下一片來。My joints seize up in the cold weather .天氣寒冷,我的關節都凍僵了。I have a pain in every
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Hip Hinge Exercises and Why You Should Be Doing Them

Hip Hinge Exercises Ok, so your hip hinge isn’t that good. Don’t worry; we can get you hinging from the hips and not your waist very easily. The first hip hinge exercise is easy. Grab that dowel, pipe, or yardstick you used to test yourself and stand next to a wall.
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