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cast a vote for的解釋是:投票… 同時,該頁為英語學習者提供:cast a vote for的中文翻譯,英英詳解,單詞音標,在線發音,例句等。 每日打卡10分鐘,詞匯量將突破極限。 定制的記憶曲線,讓你輕松進階。 精挑細選的詞匯,配以數千例句和視頻。
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Cast your vote by sharing your favorite on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. 藉由在 Facebook,Twitter,或 YouTube 上分享你的最愛來投下你的一票。 觀賞完整影片 分享至FB 造句練習 推薦影片 經典美劇《六人行》:新年新希望 9391 2019-12-31 希平方6分鐘
Georgia's top election official announces there will be 'full by-hand recount in each county' for presidential race_Top News_Asia Pacific Daily

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“cast a spell” “cast a warm light” 2. deposit; “cast a vote” “cast a ballot” 3. select to play,sing, or dance a part in a play, movie, musical, opera, or ballet; “He cast a young woman in the role of Desdemona” 4. throw forcefully 5. assign the roles of (a movie or a
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Wörterbuch Englisch → Deutsch: to cast a vote Übersetzung 1 – 50 von 15893 >> Englisch Deutsch to cast a vote eine Stimme abgeben Suchbegriffe enthalten to cast a vote for stimmen für pol. to cast one’s vote seine Stimme abgeben to carry a vote eine to to
Why the Supreme Court made Wisconsin vote during the coronavirus crisis
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cast a vote – tłumaczenie na polski oraz definicja. Co znaczy i jak powiedzieć “cast a vote” po polsku? – głosować w wyborach More than 48,000 of you have cast your votes, and the results are now in. Więcej niż 48,000 z ciebie rzuciło twoje głosy, i skutki są
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The Hong Kong Listing Rules provide that “any vote of shareholders at a general meeting must be taken by poll.” (Main Board Listing Rules (“MBLR”), r.13.39(4) and Growth Enterprise Market Listing Rules (“GEMLR”), r. 17.47(4)). Given the number of drawbacks
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VOTE&RANK – Vote for K-POP stars you stan!
Vote for K-POP stars in Mwave Music Chart, polls, tournaments, and M COUNTDOWN PRE-VOTING. Corporate Registration Number : 106-81-51510 Communication and Sales Report Number : 1996-Seoul Seocho-00015 CEO : Heo Min Heoi, Heo Min Ho …
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This is false in three of the cases because the people named did not vote this year. The fourth one did cast a ballot, and the case was turned over to police and state authorities. “Victims of voter fraud: initial announcement of deceased Georgians used to vote in 2020 general election,” reads a November 11 press release from Trump’s campaign website.
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NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins Casts Her Vote from Space

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins points to the International Space Station’s “voting booth” where she cast her vote from space this month.
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